Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dangers Of An Inaccurate Bookkeeping System

An inaccurate record in bookkeeping can cost your company dearly. A silly mistake, such as entering an income which is not realized as yet, affects the profitability of the company. You may end up paying tax for an amount that you have not received. Apart from this, there are many such incidences which affect the smooth functioning of the company if you have inaccurate financial statements. Some of the dangers of an inaccurate financial reporting are as follows.

Incorrect financial position

One of the dangers of inaccurate financial reporting is that it reflects an incorrect report about your financial position. If an investor finds that the financial position of the company is unstable, he would not invest. This also happens in the case of getting loans from financial institutions. Thus, it affects the future plans of the company. Inaccurate financial statements, therefore, prevents a company from growing further.

Can cost the company

As mentioned earlier, an income which is not received and is recorded in the books shows an increase in profits. Similarly, underestimating profits can lead to penalties when an audit is conducted. Moreover, an error in miscalculating the number of years for depreciation of a fixed assets and expenses can result in payment of more taxes than you need to. Such dangers of inaccurate financial reporting can cost the company profits.

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