Friday, 14 April 2017

Are your Books Balanced?

Bookkeeping and accounting may not be daunting but are an essential part of business and financial management. A balance sheet is one of the financial statements that help entrepreneurs evaluate their business’s financial health. However, many business owners, especially those with a traditional accounting system in place, face difficulties in balancing their books. Balanced books are vital to gain a clear picture of your business and financial status. It also acts as a strong foundation for vital strategic decisions. While it can be tiresome, there are ways to ensure your books are always balanced. Here are some tips to help you balance your books.

Keep Your Business and Personal Accounts Separate

Mixing business and personal accounts is a common mistake that hinders balancing books. The mixture makes accounting difficult as you have to weed out business related invoices, bills, receipts and payments before recording and balancing. This leads to errors disallowing statements to tally. Having separate accounts is a sign of better organization, making it easier for accounting and balancing your books.

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